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Made For Tv Movie Tab

Song: Made for TV Movie
Artist: Incubus
Album: A Crow Left of the Murder
File Type: Tablature
Date: 30 March 2004
Tabbed by: Christopher Thomas Engel

Note: This is my own interpretation of the song. I don't guarantee accuracy, but i'm pretty sure it's very close.
There are slight variations within the song, but nothing serious enough that the novice guitarist can't figure 
for him/herself. This is the basics of the song, and it should be enough to get you started.

Tuning: Low to High - E, A, d, g, b, E

Intro/Verse (slight distortion)
----------------------------------------Repeat throughout

Chorus (heavy thick distortion and fuzz)
---3------0------3------5--6-6--Every once in a while bend the A#/Bb chord.
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							      ^*Last time only*
Outro (clean)
Some palmmuted parts and differentiated picking techniques. Nothing serious or difficult, though. Make sure you
rakepick the A#/Bb chord.

That's the basics. And as for the solo, it's fairly simple. Mostly sliding and hammering. The great tab by Theo 
should help out with the solo. Just a few notes are off mark. Thanks for taking to time to learn a song by a 
great band. If you have any questions, comments, remarks, corrections, advice, or even donations just drop me a
line at