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American English Chords

IDLEWILD - AMERICAN ENGLISH   (best version here)

I first heard this song when i saw them live at Brixton
Academy supporting the Hives. I fell in love with this song.

Anyways - enjoy it. This is the best tab of this song on here,
the rest are so rubbish I had to tab it myself.
This is my first tab - hope you think it sounds ok!!!

Have fun

Chords to use:
B -  799877
Abm- 466444
E -  022100
F# - 244322

Intro: (this is played 3 times before the chords + vocals kick in)

Guitar 1 plays this throughout every verse.


Verse 1

 B                                   Abm
Songs when they're true, are all dedicated to you
In this invisible world I choose to live in
 B                                  Abm
And if you believe that for now I understand
Why words mean so much to you
They'll never be about you

Verse 2
Maybe you're young without youth
             Abm                              E
Maybe you're old without, knowing anything's true
I think you're young without youth....

Pre Chorus  - drums begin, riff stops.

 F#                      E
Then you contract the American dream
      Abm         F#
You never look up once
F#                  E
You've contracted American dreams
Abm               F#           (slide up to B)
I require you to stop and look up.

[ Tab from: ]
B      F#          Abm
Sing a song about myself
               E           B
Keep singing a song about myself
           F#       Abm       E
Not some invisible world

(guitar 1 plays riff again)

Verse 3 - same chords as above

Constantly searching to find something new
But what will you find when you think that nothing's true?
Maybe it's that nothing is new

Verse 4

So you let me hear songs that were written all about you
Because songs weren't written for you
They'll never be about you

Pre Chorus

Chorus x 2

Middle Bit

F#                         E                  Abm        F#
And I won't tell you what this means, cause you already know
And I won't tell you what this means, cause you already know.......

So - Sing a song about myself
Keep singing a song about myself
Not some invisible world

B         F#                  Abm          E
You came along and found the weak spot - that you've always wanted
B        F#              Abm         E
Let yourself be everything that youve always wanted             (While this is sung - the chorus is sung 
B                 F#     Abm                 E
It doesnt have to be so silent - that you've always wanted
B           F#         Abm            E
no need for explanations - that you've always wanted


   B     F#            Abm            E
You'll find, what you find when you find theres nothing x 2

End on a B

Tabbed by Liam - Norwich, Norfolk, England.
If you have any comments, or improvements - email me: