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Tuckers Town Chords

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(tabbed by randell@heinous.music.uiowa.edu)
(corrected by mcallist@dcs.gla.ac.uk)

chords: C:x32010 Csus:x33010 Fmaj7:x33210 G:320003 Am7:x02010
        Am7*:5x555x  Fadd9:xx3213 Fsus2:13300x

Intro: (riff A)

e ----------------------|-------------------0-----|
B ------------------1---|---------------------1---|
G --------0---0-------0-|---------0---0---------0-|
D ----0h2-----2---0-----|-----0h2-----2---2-------|
A --3-------3---3-------|---3-------3---3---------|
E ----------------------|-------------------------|

(with Riff A)
C       Csus
Staring back at you
Did you see my lips
Or were you smiling right in front of me

Your father called my name
Then he smiled with great relief
'Cause it wasn't me that you were clinging to
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He made you turn around
G                       Am7*
You do that thing you do
G                    Fadd9
And then you laughed with me

C               Fmaj7
I don't know
C               Fmaj7
What I can't see
C               Fmaj7               G    G7
I don't know but I'm makin' time to call
I don't know
What I can't see
I don't know but she's watching me leave

(riff A again)
Just wish they'd turn around
Just wish they'd try to see
But they don't understand and that's alright with me I'm leaving now

Going down to Tucker's Town
Where I can lie for free
Nobody stares at me and I'd love to hurt the population

She called last night
I said I'm about to leave
Then I heard him scream, "I'll pack your bags"

I don't know
What I can't see
I don't know but I'm makin' time to call
I don't know

What I can't see
I don't know but I'm leaving here

Csus  C   Fsus2

Fsus2                          G
To see the world through your Rosy glasses
                Am7        G        Fsus2       C
I'll teach her to fly but they teach greed
Fsus2                       G
   We live the belt but I can bleed

(riff A)
C        Csus
I don't know............................................
What I can't see........................................
C      Fmaj7
I don't know
What I can't see

ad-lib til end......