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One Love Chords

Hey everyone, got Hootie's new album and noticed no tabs for the songs so I started by
tabbing their new single "One Love" but just the chords, ie what Darius Rucker plays
and it's really simple.

(G)      (D)    (Em)   (C)
Sunshine, on the horizon

(G)            (D)           (Em)       (C)
Over two young lovers, while it's going down

(G)            (D)  (Em)    (C)
Somewhere, the same sun rising

(G)            (D)           (Em)       (C)
On another two lovers as the world goes around

(G)         (D)    (Em)     (C)
Same scene, played over and over

(G)        (D)
Same sweet passion

     (Em)  (C)
Same warm blood
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hootie_and_the_blowfish/one_love_crd.html ]
(G)            (D)     (Em)    (C)
Softly speaking the universe language

(G)     (D)     (Em)  (C) <-----Continue to strum until chorus begins
So many lovers, one love

One love

(Am)         (C)
Might make a difference

(G)                   (Am)        (C)
Might take the walls, and tear em down

(G)              (Am)       (C)
One NIGHT might keep on shining

(G)                        (Am)      (C)
If we take one love and we spread it around

The following versues have the same tabs as the opening chorus. when you get to the
Bridge, it's just the (Am) chord and the (C) chord, really basic, really simple. I
love this song, I love this album so follow the tab, play the song and spread 'The


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