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Here I Go Again Tab

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                           "Here I Go Again"
                          (Shuman - Westlake)


	 G   C D7
	Here I go again [1,3: watch me now, 'cause   2: I can't help it]
	 G   C D7
	Here I go again

Verse 1:

	 G                 Em
	I've been hurt so much before
	I told myself, yes I did
	    D        Bb             Am7      D
	No more, no more, won't get hurt anymore
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	  G             Em
	There I was all by myself
	Doin' all right
	Until I saw you last night (and then I knew that)

[repeat chorus]


	            Em      A
	Makin' the same mistakes
	             Em         A
	Headin' for more heartaches
	 Bm                                      E7
	What can I do when there's nothin' I can do
	   Bm                                          A7    D7
	I looked in your eyes and I knew that I was through

Verse 2:

	What's the use, I'll just give in
	Try as I may, and I do
	I'll never win, never win, baby, I'll never win

	Now you're here so close to me
	I can't resist you
	And I knew when I kissed you (I'm gonna say now)

[repeat chorus]


	            Em       A
	Falling in love, in love
	            Em       A
	Falling in love, in love
	            Em       A
	Falling in love, in love
	            Em  [drum fill]  Gmaj7 
	Falling in love

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers