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You First Believe Chords

Tabbed by Khatz Albais (bowmeow_pusa@yahoo.com)
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"I may not so sure about this chords, but try to have a proper timing while singing
this song"
"I dedicate this song to my friends and classmates from San Juan De Dios: College
of Nursing"
"To someone, I may not be a perfect person for you to be recognize as every girls
dream but I may help and accompany you until I may realize that... Im falling for
you... I'm sorry for that"

Verse 1: 
  G		     D		   C
How many times did I pray you'd find me...
   G       D	     C
How many wishes on a star,
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I'd see your face
Safe at home unafraid,
Captured in your embrace.
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So many times when my heart was broken,
Visions of you would keep me strong.
You were with me all along,
Guiding my every step.
You are all that I am
And I'll never forget.

    G          D	C
It was you, who first believed
    G         D          C
In all that I was made to be.
    G         D           C
It was you, looking in my eyes.
    G          D             C
You held my hand and showed me life.
    Em         D           C
And I've never been the same,
Since you first believed.

There were times when I thought I'd lost you,
Fearing forever was a dream.
But it wasn't what it seemed,
Placing your hand in mine,
You could see in the dark,
You were guiding my heart.

(Repeat chorus twice)

G                   D              C 
How many times did I pray you'd find me...
 G          D          C
How many wishes on a star...