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Welcome To The Big Show Chords

TITLE:  Welcome To The Big Show
ARTIST:  Will Hoge

INTRO F# A E Bm (X2) 


F#         A 
breakdown, turn it around

E                        Bm
don't stand up cause you might get knocked down

F#      A
its all over the set

          E                        Bm
then they give you a smile let you watch anyway

F#              A
i've see it all over the news

E                               Bm
everybody's been talking with a face full of shoes

F#                    A
tv and your radio are all on the blink
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   E                        Bm
so get yourself a pistol to learn what to think


  A       D           A       D
tonight tonight we'll hold on tight

A        D                   Bm7
get your ticket it's time to go

welcome to the big show

verse 2
big money borrowed dreams
got your cold laced fingers with your cocaine rings
want to see the dark side of town
so make a deal with the devil and he'll show you around
champagne parties with phone call girls
ashtray babies with dimestore pearls
nickelback jewelry and a velvet chain
hollywood hollowfaced down in the rain


(repeat first verse)


welcome to the big show (x3)