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Endless Dark Chords

Hmm got this one from a freind so i dont know if its 100% correct!

Em D
Softly the light shines on through

Em D
The gates of grace on me and you

Am C
Deceiving our restless hearts

A flickering Flame to Serene
Devours the Night so we could see
The Fear we hold on to so strong


C Am
and I know where I belong

C Am
Away from your gods
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That heal all wounds and light this endless

Em - D - Am - C Cadd9
Daaaaaaaaaaaaark, endless

Lonely the light shines on you 
Through the gates of fire entombed
Feeding on your love
Weak is the blaze that kept me away 
From cruelty and tenderness embraced
Saving my soul no more


[quiet bit]

Heal our wounds and light this endless

Em D

Am C Em D
That shine on you and tame your burning heaaaart