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I Give My All Chords

Hey Its Meeeeeeeeh
Ray Villanueva


E  B5   F#m9/E  (x2)

Verse 1
         E  B5  F#m9/E
Bless my life, take away the shame
  E          B5             F#m9/E
Allow me to experience Your most amazing grace
         E  B5      F#m9/E
Fill my heart, it's empty and frail
E              B5         F#m9/E
Make me whole again Lord, mend my broken soul

A9            E
   I offer my life to You, Lord
A9                        B5
   With all my strength I worship You
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      E       F#m9/E  EM7      A9
And I give my all (Take me as I am)
     E         F#m9/E  EM7         A9
I am Yours, oh God (Lead me to Your arms)
      C#5      B5      A9
And I give You praise (I rejoice in You)
         F#m9/E    EM7             A9  (B5 - not played in last chorus)
'Til the end of my days, I give my all


Verse 2
You gave Your all unworthy as I am
You have died for me, Lord, and now I am free
You're the only reason my heart leaps for joy
I give You back the glory, Lord mould me and use me


Chorus (x2)

         F#m9/E    EM7             A9
'Til the end of my days, I give my all
         C#5       B5              A9      B5
'Til the end of my days, I give my all
To You