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Nova -
Hillsong United
Aftermath (2011)

Very bare bones, but I think it's basically all correct.  Leave comments and corrections!

Drop tuning down 1 half step

[Verse 1:]
Let all the earth declare Your Name*
Voices resounding heaven's fame
Bb         Fmaj7      C
Our God be praised forever

[Verse 2:]
Flood all the earth with endless light
Raise up the streets from death to life
    Bb     Fmaj7      C
Our God be praised forever
    Bb     Fmaj7
Oh God be praised

[Chorus:]   (I believe it's just power chords here.  Don't play a full Am, just an A5, maybe)

Come let Your glory arise
     G                      F
And shine as the nations collide with Your story
Love overtaking our lives
  G                        Am               F
Arise as our hearts come alight with Your glory
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[Verse 3:]
Let all injustice shut it's mouth
As we join our hearts and start to shout
Our God be praised forever
Oh God be praised

Synth plays - C G Am F 2x

[Bridge:]  (Not 100% sure here.  It sounds like maybe a C2 chord played with the bass 
descending.  Let me know what you think)

C2           C2/Bb
Be unto Your Name
All glory and honour
Singing holy is our God
Holy is our God

Your life on display
Your strength in our weakness
Singing holy is our God
Holy is our God

How great is Your love
How great are Your ways
There's nothing we want more
But to live for You God

There's no other Name
More worthy of praise
Jesus let Your love be known


C                         G
We'll shine with Your glory
       Am        F       C
We'll shine with Your glory
We'll shine with Your glory
     Am            F     C
It's all for Your glory