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Inner Strength Chords

Hilary Duff: Inner Strength

Ab5 Eb5 Bb Ab5

Eb5             Bb    Ab5 
Gotta find your inner strength

         Eb5                  Bb   Ab5
If you don't then just throw life away

C5               Bb5   C5
Gotta learn to rely on you

Cm                    Bb5    Ab5
Beauty, Strength, and wisdom too
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       Eb5         Bb       Ab5
You're beautiful inside and out

      Eb5        Bb    Ab5  
Lead a great without a doubt

      C5            Bb5          C5 
Don't need a man to make things fair

                         Bb5      Ab5
cuz' more than likely he won't be there

Eb5               Bb        Ab5 
Listen girl gotta know it's true

Eb5                   Bb     Ab5
In the end all you've got is you