Hayley Westenra Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Amalia Por Amor Tab
02. Both Sides Now Chords
03. Cinema Paradiso Tab
04. Da Quel Sorriso Che Non Ride Piu Tab
05. Deborah's Theme Tab
06. Gabriel's Oboe Tab
07. Here's To You Tab
08. Hine E Hine Chords
09. La Califfa Tab
10. Malena Tab
11. Many Times Always Chords
12. Many Times Always (ver 2) Chords
13. Metti Una Sera A Cena Tab
14. Mezione Di Musica Tab
15. Never Saw Blue Chords
16. Once Upon A Time In The West Tab
17. Per Natale Tab
18. Pokarekare Ana Chords
19. Pokarekare Ana Tab
20. Summer Rain Chords
21. The Edge Of Love Tab
22. Who Painted The Moon Black Chords
23. Who Painted The Moon Black (ver 2) Chords
24. Wings To Flybless These Wings Chords
25. Would He Know Me Now Tab