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Name Song Chords

This is the name song, it is a quick two strum beat.

   C            G               F       G
Mary Park, Suzanne Sommers, AND Johnny Potts,

   C            G               F       G
Dough Funny, Patty Mayonnaise, and Roger Klotz

   C            G               F       G
Josie Hoe, I dont know, Afghanistan

   C            G               F       G
Man O Man, Dan Japan, Stan, Jan, And Xavier.....C'mon

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Patty Labelle, Jason Labelle, and Mr. Belding

It's hot, it's hot, so hot, man it's scolding

Dick Butkis, AC Slater, and Little Richard

Some call hime KING OF ROCK, I just call hime dick!.......C'mon

Chorus.....(Slow Down)
   C            G               F       G
Now there are alot of names in this world
   C            G               F       G
Do you wanna know my favorite, Its Parker....HAHAHAHAH

Verse 2 and 3: Same Chords as verse 1

Chorus, and finish with a bang