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Food Processor Head Chords

                     FOOD PROCESSOR HEAD

                    SUPERCUNT ON THE JUNK..
                    CHARLES GRIZZLY MAKES THE DUNK..
                    SMOKE'N UP TO GET ALONG..
                    CHINKS AND NIPS EAT MR.PONGS..

                         GOTTA F.P.H!!!

                    FEELIN LIKE I'M BORN TO KILL'Y..
                    ASS RAPE'N BOX CAR WILLY..
                    COCK IS BLEEDING FROM THE BITE..
                    GOODTIMES, JJ, DYNOMITE..
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                         GOTTA F.P.H!!!

                    COUCH POTATO HITLER HAIRCUT..
                    SWORDFISH BELLY, 10 FOOT GOLF PUT..
                    VOICES SCREAMIN IN MY HEAD..
                    FIGO, FIGO, PLEASE BE DEAD..

                         GOTTA F.P.H!!!

                    CIRCUS FREAK SPANKS HIS MONKEY..
                    FRANK AND ANTH HUNTING BUNKEY..
                    COCK-EYED SLUT PLAYIN POOLA..
                    BABY DICK BOY SAYS VA FEN COLLO..

                         GOTTA F.P.H!!!

                     REPEAT TILL FADE OUT