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Renegade Tab

* Hammerfall - Renegade (From the album: RENEGADE)               *

Music and words by: Hammerfall
Website: http://www.hammerfall.net

Transcribed by: King Legacy
Day Tabbed: April 14th, 2001.
email: king.legacy@freemail.hammerfall.net

Version 2.0 - April 2001.

For questions, comments, corrections or newest version;
please contact King Legacy at king.legacy@freemail.hammerfall.net

Howdy, Templar! This my little tabbed version of Renegade. I just tabbed
this one in 10 minutes... So there may be many errors in this tab. But
you know, mail me if you find some! I didn't use any time intervals in
this tab either, so you have to use your little ear...
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hammerfall/renegade_tab_ver_2.html ]
And hey! Thanks to everyone in the HammerForum who was screamin' at me:
"TAB IT, MORON!!!!!!!!", "WE WANT THE TAB"... and so on. I think that I
haven't tabbed this one of I didn't feel all the pressure. Now my next goal
is "The Way Of The Warrior", "Always Will Be" & "Destined For Glory". So
SCREAM AT ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

                                                           - King Legacy

               *** A METAL HEART IS HARD TO TEAR APART! ***

pm... = Palm mute        *   = see comment
~     = Vibrato          x   = percussion note
/     = Slide up         \   = Slide down
h     = hammer on        p   = pull off
^     = bend             b+r = Bend and release
"     = Tremolo note     ph  = Pinch harmonic
                         sh  = Semi Harmonic

xx^(xx) = Bend xx to (xx).