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Sarah Smile Chords

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Title: Sarah Smile
Artists: Hall and Oates

Transcribed by: Jason Yankee
Note: This is all my own work.

Intro Lead - (keyboard version of guitar lead)

F note, C note, A note, G note, F note, B B note,

A note, G note, F note - Repeat the two lines

Intro: F, C, (maybe you can substitute Am for C)

B B, B B m (C # will also work)

repeat the above line


"Baby hair.." F, Am, Dm, G, A, Dm, Am, Dm, G, A,

repeat the above line.

2nd Part:

"When I feel cold.."
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hall_and_oates/sarah_smile_crd.html ]
B B, C, (maybe you can substitute Am for C) A, Dm

"and when I feel.."

B B, C, (maybe you can substitue Am for C) A, Dm


NC - "It's you and me forever.."

"Sarah Smile.."

F, C, (you might be able to substitute Am for C)

B B, B B m (C # will also work.)

repeat the above line

Instrumental part:

Use the chords in the 2nd Part

Chords defined:

C - notes - C, E, G  

Am - notes - A, C, E 

Dm - notes - D, F, A

F - notes - F, C, E

G - notes - G, B, D

A - notes - A, C #, E

B B - notes - B B, D, F

B B m - notes - B B, D B, F

C # - notes - C #, F, G #

Note: Use the notes in the chords in any order. It

still be the same chord.

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