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  Bago ang lhat .... Bati muna..
  hi sa mga nagbukas ni2.. hi rin 2 my cute ---- n c kristiane,n_n
  hi also 2 ol Bicol university students.. specially 2 d 
  1at yr. elec. eng'g students..
  1st tym ko mag submit kya sna magustuhan nyo...

Take No by Hale

  A                              C#m
I've gone away and went through hell and back
  A                 C#m
I never was and will again
 A                    C#m
All the tears i've held inside
     A             C#m
Why it had to be this long

    DM7                AM7
   And i have failed to see

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   A                 C#m
I would've wanted you gone
   A              C#m
Ah, but it's just too soon
  A                      C#m
All the times i kept you outside
     A                  C#m
Why you had to be so strong

Refrain 2:
    DM7               AM7
  And i have failed to see
    DM7               AM7
  These dreams they haunt me back
   A        C#m
  Praise fate...
   A             C#m
  And I'm.. coming home..
   A-C#m     A-C#m
  Ooohh... Ooohh..

That's ol folks..
Listen to the song para mkuha nyo strumming..
Kristiane cute mo tlga...heheh

any comments or suggestions, e-mail @ hiz_44@yahoo.com..or ssa friendster
 OPM Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!