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The Dawn On The Dying Sun Tab

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 Hades-The Dawn on the Dying Sun
 standard tuning E
 tabed by: Mike Hochins
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hades/the_dawn_on_the_dying_sun_tab.html ]
 chug on an open E 3 or 4X
 Riff1:                   Riff 2:
 e-0----------0---------  g------------------------------- 	
 b-0-----------3-0------  d-----55-33-555-----33-55-77-----
 g-0--------------------  a-22--33-11-333--22-11-33-55-----
 d-2--------------------  e-00-------------00--------------

 That's it. Not very much to it.