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Sick Of You Tab

this is straight from gwar's website.  i usually don't post
tabs i didn't do myself but i don't think you can get any
closer than this.

Sick of You
Well, first off, GWAR tunes their instruments down  step. 

Here's the first riff

  pm..]          pm..]
|-------0---------------2---------|   play this a couple 
|-------0---0-----------2---2-----|        times.

Then the rhythm guitar (Balsac) plays palm-muted F#5 chords (power chord on the 2nd 
fret of low E string, that is) while the lead guitar (Flattus) 
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|--2--2--------------------------|He plays this (or slight
|--------2--5--2-----------------| variations thereof)a few 
|--------------------4--4--2-----| times.

The verses are just palm-muted F#5 chords.  The chorus goes like this:

   Sick of   yoooooou  I'm  so sick so sick of you

Now for the "I said break it down!"


Well there it is, Sick Of U, and I think it is pretty damn close to BalSac's and Flattus' 

Bryan Hoopmann the Gwarior