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Camp Fire Girl 62 Chords

Band: Guttermouth
Song: camp Fire Girl # 62
Album: Gusto
Transcriber: Robert Johnstone

This is a rad song, it's my 3rd Guttermouth tab other one include that's life and gods 
I'm still trying to spread the word about Guttermouth here is the tab

Acoustic intro
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  G                                                          C                  C
She's got the healing powers of medicinal marijuana
  G                                                                      C               C
And she feeds us the same old crap she feeds to her iguana
  G            C                          C                C                C
And  she wont go to the bar god forbid that she drives a car
   G         C                                C
And of course she will protest the war

And even though she's an idiot....
Main Riff

This is like the whole song just repeat the riff over and over then play and stop and so on
Its very easy and I would say this is Guttermouth's best song out of the 3 albums I have heard
Gusto, covered with ants and Terri yakimoto. Please tell your friends about Guttermouth 
tab there songs!you will be hearing from me again....