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Love For Me Chords

Transcribed by Rob Ross
Artist: Guster
Song Title:
Love For Me

Intro lead line:


Intro rhythm part:

C#  E  B  C#

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C#                       B
I know there is a place
a place where I belong
not mistreated or undone
C#                       B
and if I find that place
I'll keep my mouth shut
cause I won't be there alone
and if you're standing there with me
B                                       C#
I'll swear it's a lie and I'll still believe it
        C#          B             A  -  E
cause I came and I spoke and you ran
            C#                     B
and didn't even wait to hear the words
A                      E
or see the look in my eyes
         C#             B             A              E
cause I bled and you watched and I cried myself to sleep
                  C#               B
came to wipe my tears away but you
A                    E
couldn't look in my eyes again
                 C#  (play intro rhythm and lead line)
because of the love for me