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Consequence Free Chords

Great Big Sea - Consequence Free
Tab by: Jane Wallace

Capo: 2nd Fret

INTRO:  D  G  D  G  (x2)

[D]Wouldn't it be [A]great if no one [G]ever got of[A]fended
[D]And wouldn't it be [A]great to say what's [G]really on your [A]mind?
[D]I've always [A]said all the [G]rules are made for [A]bending,
And [D]if I let my [A]hair down, would [G]that be such a [A]crime?

Oh, [G]I want to [A]be [D]consequence free
[G]I want to [A]be where [D]nothing needs to [A]matter
[G]I want to [A]be [D]consequence free
Just say [D]na na na na [G]na na na-ah na [D]na   [G]
I said, [D]na na na na [G]na na na-ah na [D]na   [G]
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Well [D]I could really [A]use to [G]lose my Catholic [A]conscience
[D]'Cause I'm getting [A]sick of feeling [G]guilty all the [A]time
[D]I won't a[A]buse it, yeah, I've [G]got the best in[A]tentions,
For a [D]little bit of anar[A]chy, but not the [G]hurting kind   [A]


[G]   I couldn't [D]sleep at all last [Em]night
'Cause I had [A]so much on my [G]mind
I'd like to [D]leave it all be[Em]hind
But you [A]know it's not that [G]easy
[A]Oh, but just one night

[D]Wouldn't it be [A]great if the [G]band just never [A]ended
[D]We could stay out [A]late, and we would [G]never hear last [A]call
[D]We wouldn't need to [A]worry about ap[G]proval or the per[A]piture, we could
[D]Slip off the [A]edge, and never [G]worry about the [A]fall


Oh, [D]na na na na [G]na na na-ah na [D]na   [G]   [D]