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Wondering Chords

			     Wondering - Good Charlotte
Artist: Good Charlotte
Albulm: The Young And The Hopeless
Song Title: Wondering.(Track 4)
Tabbed By : Zero is great man 
Tuning:Droped One-half step: EbAbDbGbBbeb

Chord Diagram:
   Eb5   E5   F#5  G#5  B5

B5     E5         G#5          E5
If you want me to wait, I will wait for you.
B5     E5         G#5          E5
If you tell me to stay, I will stay right thru.
B5     E5         G#5          E5
If you don't want to say, anything at all.
B5        E5
I'm happy wondering...

[Fill] B5(x4) E5(x4) G#5(x4) E5(x2) F#5(x2): x2
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[Verse 1]
B5          E5           G#5        E5  F#5
Since I was a young man, I never was a fun man.
B5          E5         G#5    E5   F#5
I never had a plan and no security then,
B5          E5        G#5      E5   F#5      
Ever since I met you, I never could forget you.
B5           E5        G#5       E5    F#5
I only wanna get you right here next to me.

G#5                B5    E5                                      G#5
'Cause every body, whoa, needs some one that they can trust and,
G#5              B5    Eb5
You're somebody, whoa, that I found just in time.


[Verse 2]
B5     E5              G#5              E5 F#5
Now my life is changing, It's always rearranging,
B5         E5          G#5                         E5  F#5
It's always getting stranger then I thought it ever could.
B5         E5          G#5               E5  F#5
Ever since I found you, I wanna be around you,
B5         E5          G#5        E5 F#5
I wanna get to the point that I need you.




[Solo](That's why they call them solos, cause your on your own.

E5    F#5      G#5
Don't tell me, the bad news,
E5    F#5      G#5
Don't tell me anything at all,
E5    F#5      G#5
Just tell me, that you need me,
And stay right here with me...


End on: E5