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Truth Chords

I'm not a member but all the other versions were so wrong for the piano. I've played
this with the CD, the key and chords are perfect. This song sounds wicked when played
like this on piano. I love it! 
(Jacqueline McMillan)

   Verse 1
               F# Bm
So here we are
We are alone   F# Bm

This weight on your mind F# Bm

I wanna know  F# Bm

(same for second verse)


I want the truth F#

From you    Em

Give me the truth F#

Even if it hurts me C#

I want the truth F# Bm

   Verse 2

So this is you F# Bm
Talking to me F# Bm

(same progression for further verse lines)


[ Tab from: ]
Em                    Bb m
I know that this will break me
I know that this will make me cry
Gotta say whats on your mind, on your mind
Em                    Bb m   
I know that this will hurt me, 
And break my heart and soul inside
I don't wanna live this lie


varying chords like Em, F# Bm etc..

F# Bm F# Bm

Note: in the verse chords after plaing F# play the note F for every other line.

Note: in chorus there are notes in between the chords played, easy to figure out.