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The Story Of My Old Man Chords

Hey! This is the an easy version of 'The story of my Old Man'. It's not perfect,
but it is alright for Newbies. Ginge!

G                D 
I don't know to much about 
    C              D
To much of my old man
   G                    D
I know he walked right out the door
    C              D
We never saw him again
G                   D
Last I heard he was at the bar
C              D
Doing himself in
G                    D
I know I've got that same disease
        C                D 
I guess I got that from him
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Pre Chorus
Em          C               G
This is the story of my old man
Em             C             G
Just like his father before him
Em                 C            G
I'm telling you do anything you can
Em               C             G
So you don't end up just like them
Like theeeem...

G                     C     G
Monday he woke up and hated life
G                          C        G    
Drank untill Wednesday and left his wife
G                              C    G
Thursday through Saturday lost everything
G                  C        G
Now he's alone and misrebal again

Verse 2
I remember baseball games
And workin on the car
He told me that he loved me
And that I would go far
He showed me how to work hard
And stick up for myself
I wish he wasn't too hard
Too listen to himseelf...

After the last chorus is sung it is sung again but wid different lyrics and really loudly:

Last Chorus
Sunday he wished that he'd made things right(made things right)
Longed for his family and missed his wife(missed his wife)
Remembered the days he had everything(everything)
But now he's alone and misrible again