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I Dont Wanna Stop Tab

Good Charlotte, Don't wanna stop.
Tabbed by Paul,
Normal tuning-- listen to the song to get timing right

     G    B    C    D    E

Intro: G, B, C, D  2 times

All these games you play, They're messing with my head, (messin with my head),
I don't know why I stay, I should leave instead, (should leave instead), When
I speak from my heart, you laugh like it's a game, (this is no game), Yeah, we'd
make great friends, but it just isn't the same....

C     D      G              B
And I know, this is not the way it should be,
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C     D         G              E
And I know, you treat him like me,

But I don't, I don't wanna stop


G                   B
I don't wanna stop, I don't wanna stop

C                D   
I don't wanna stop, I don't wanna... two times

Now i don't need you to buy me pretty things, (you don't pay for me),
Pay for my tattoos or buy me diamond rings, (we don't want those things),
All i know is that i'm happy to see you smile,(wanna see you smile), and
it'd make my day if you'd just stay here a while


C             G          D
This has gone on way too long, and i'm tired of movin on

C        G                   E
This has gone on for way too longggggg ---- two times


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