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Paper Bag Tab

Paper Bag - Goldfrapp

Tabbed by Seb Oddos dit Zappy the Koala

     Fm#                  Bm
E |-----------2---------------2-----------------------------------|
B |-----2--2-----2------3--3----2---------------------------------|
G |------------------4--------------------------------------------|
D |--4------------------------------------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------------------|

Verse 1

Fm#x5				Fm#x5
No time to fuck			But you like the rush
Fm#x5		                Fm#x5	  Bm	 		
Where would we be		Without some
         F xx3121
Deals we make

Verse 2

Fm#x5				Fm#x5
Brown paper bag 		Makes for a hat	
Fm#x5	      Bm  Bm	                  F xx3121
When it rains on  Your head mate Cheers for that

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Arpegios on these chords during the Chorus
      F#m     A      D    G         E
E |--2----2---2--------------------------------------------------------|
B |--2----2---2---1----------------------------------------------------|
G |--2----2---2---4-----4----------------------------------------------|
D |--4----2---0---5-----2----------------------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------------------------------|

F#m  A   D                 G
When the world stops for snow
F#m  A   D            G            E 
When you laugh  I'm inside   Your mouth

Verse 3

Fm#x5			Fm#x5
Sucking the sun         Baboons and birds
Fm#x5	        Fm#x5  Bm	     F xx3121		
With the weight Of you dear 	I forgot