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My Girlfriends Shower Sucks Chords

I noticed that this tab was only on UG for the bass, so I sat down and figured out what 
believe to be an acurate tab.  I use mainly ska chords, except for the F#, which I 
to use a bar chord for.  Here you go:

Song:      My Girlfriends Shower Sucks
Artist:    Goldfinger
Album:     Goldfinger [Self-Titled]
Tuning:    Standard

Here are the ska chords for you.  As I already said, I prefer not to use the ska F#, so 
use the bar instead.  These are the only chords played in the song.

  Bm      G        A       F#

For the intro you just keep playing Bm

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Bm                G           A               F#
The temperature changes, it chills me to the bone.
Bm           G                    A                 F#
It makes me wish that I was was cleanin' myself at home
G             A           Bm             G
It makes me grumpy and sometimes I lose hope
G            A             F#
The water's hard so I can never rinse the soap
G            A            Bm    Bm A G F# (Do this quickly)
And it's got no pressure
G            A             F#
The water dribbles down on me
G         A       Bm      Bm A G F# (Quickly again)
And it's got no pressure
G             A              F#
It's like the shower's going pee

And then you wanna arpeggiate the F# chord, and then the song is done.

I'm pretty sure this is near to perfect, it sounds right to me.  Feedback is appreciated.