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Another 45 Miles Chords

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Group : Golden Earring
 Song : Another 45 Miles....
Album : Naked Truth


G G / Em Em (2x)

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G G / Em Em (2x)
C G / D,Dsus2 D,Dsus (2x)
G G / Em Em
D,Dsus2 D Dsus / D,Dsus2 D,Dsus
D7 G / G7 C
G D / Em C
- - / C C


G D / Em Em (2x)
C G / D,Dsus2 D,Dsus (2x)

Sorry I kept it so simple, but's a simple song (A good one though!)
Could anyone please e-mail me the text to this song? or the Tab from any
song from Heather Nova's album Oyster? OK,now go enjoy this pretty song!


Martin (