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Just No Chords

This is my first tab, its good song and easy to play. I have tabbed this from ear only, 
but I think it's bang on point.

Play with your pinky finger on the highest E string for the G chord, Cadd9 and the Em7.
The chord transition from Cadd9 to Em7 is a lot faster than the previous chords.

Capo 1st Fret
C, G, D, Cadd9, Em7

1st Verse
C               G           D      Cadd9  Em7
Well something disturbs me
These questions, I don't wanna hear
Pawns in your show, what a way to go, get out of here
Preaching things he knows, only body blows, and I'm finding that

C           G                  D          Cadd9 Em7
Nobody knows it and nobody shows it
And nobody knows it and no, just no

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2nd Verse
C             G     D            Cadd9  Em7
Well choosing, where to go
and then bruising, those who show
Why a mother's child, had to run on by, nobody knows
Serve it with a smile, let your bullets fly, let the reaper sow ohhh and

C           G                  D           Cadd9  Em7
Nobody knows it and nobody shows it
And nobody knows it and nobody shows it and   X2

C,G,D,Cadd9,Em7 x3

It repeats the chorus and interlude a couple of times, but listen to the song and you 
will figure that out.
The same goes for the strumming pattern, the intro to the song is strummed firmer and 
louder than the verses which is played a lot lighter.
The strumming pattern has up and down strokes, but for the chord Cadd9 I like to do only 
up strokes in a jabbing motion using palm mute to break up the note and then back to, 
up and down strokes for the Em7.