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Up On The Roof Chords

Up On The Roof by The Get Up Kids

Here's a neat song off of the TGUK/Rocket From The Crypt split 7"...
I think that they re-released it on their new CD "Eudora", but because
I'm a vinyl freak, here's the version off of the split (they might be
the same).  One more thing to note: my guitar has been subject to a
lot of harsh weather lately, and you may have to move everything up a
half-step, or maybe down a half-step, but the notes are all correct in
relation to each other.

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Eb                  G                       G#                     B
Sometimes    these  fantasies     come      true;   somehow   the  whole thing misses me
Held    down    by  fishing    wire    and  glue,   to   be   the  best we couldn't be

Chorus (part 1)
Eb                  Bb                      B                      C#
Up    on    the     roof;    with    the    whole  world  at  our  feet; is this

Chorus (part 2)
F                   G                       G#                     Bb
every     -         thing         you       thought   it    would  be?
that       we       waited       for    re  -   li    -    gious  -  ly?   just
know     I          wouldn't                hate          you      if        you


That's about it, except for the D-section, which is the notes:
B, G#, Eb, Bb