Gerry And The Pacemakers Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Away From You Chords
02. Away From You (ver 2) Chords
03. Away From You Bass Tab
04. Baby Youre So Good To Me Bass Tab
05. Dont Let The Sun Chords
06. Dont Let The Sun (ver 2) Chords
07. Dont Let The Sun Catch You Crying Chords
08. Dont Let The Sun Catch You Crying (ver 2) Chords
09. Dont Let The Sun Catch You Crying (ver 3) Chords
10. Dreams Chords
11. Ferry Across The Mersey Chords
12. Ferry 'cross The Mersey Chords
13. Ferry 'cross The Mersey (ver 2) Chords
14. Ferry Cross The Mersey (ver 3) Chords
15. Ferry Cross The Mersey (ver 4) Chords
16. Ferry Cross The Mersey (ver 5) Chords
17. Ferry Cross The Mersey Bass Tab
18. Girl On A Swing Chords
19. How Do You Do It Chords
20. How Do You Do It (ver 2) Chords
21. How Do You Do It Bass Tab
22. Ill Be There Chords
23. Ill Be There (ver 2) Chords
24. Im The One Chords
25. Im The One Bass Tab
26. Its Gonna Be All Right Chords
27. I Like It Chords
28. I Like It (ver 2) Chords
29. I Like It (ver 3) Chords
30. I Like It (ver 4) Chords
31. I Like It Bass Tab
32. Shes The Only Girl For Me Chords
33. Walk Hand In Hand With Me Chords
34. Where Do You Go To My Lovely Chords
35. Where Have You Been All My Life Chords
36. World Without Love Chords
37. Youll Never Walk Alone Chords
38. Youll Never Walk Alone (ver 2) Chords
39. Youll Never Walk Alone (ver 3) Chords
40. Youll Never Walk Alone (ver 4) Chords
41. Youll Never Walk Alone Tab
42. Youll Never Walk Alone Bass Tab
43. You You You Chords