Gene Pitney Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. 24 Hours From Tulsa Chords
02. 24 Sycamore Chords
03. Angelica Chords
04. Animal Crackers In Cellophane Boxes Chords
05. A Street Called Hope Chords
06. Backstage Chords
07. Baton Rouge Or Frisco Chords
08. Being Together Chords
09. Billy Youre My Friend Chords
10. Billy Youre My Friend (ver 2) Chords
11. Black Is Black Chords
12. Born To Lose Chords
13. Cara Mia Mine Chords
14. Cry Your Eyes Out Chords
15. Donna Means Heartbreak Chords
16. Every Breath I Take Chords
17. Every Breath I Take (ver 2) Chords
18. Eyes Talk Chords
19. Foolkiller Chords
20. Gene Are You There Chords
21. Get Rosetta On The Phone Chords
22. Going Back To My Love Chords
23. Half Heaven Half Heartache Chords
24. Half Heaven Half Heartache (ver 2) Chords
25. Half The Laughter Twice The Tears Chords
26. Hate Chords
27. Heartbreaker Chords
28. Heartbreaker (ver 2) Chords
29. Heartbreaker (ver 3) Chords
30. If I Didnt Have A Dime Chords
31. If I Never Get To Love You Chords
32. If I Only Had Time Chords
33. Im Gonna Be Strong Chords
34. Im Gonna Be Strong (ver 2) Chords
35. Im Up To My Neck In Iou Chords
36. Its Not That I Dont Love You Chords
37. It Hurts To Be In Love Chords
38. It Hurts To Be In Love (ver 2) Chords
39. It Hurts To Be In Love (ver 3) Chords
40. Ive Got Five Dollars And Its Saturday Night Chords
41. I Cant Make It Without You Chords
42. I Must Be Seeing Things Chords
43. I Must Be Seeing Things (ver 2) Chords
44. I Want To Love My Life Away Chords
45. June Is As Cold As December Chords
46. Just One Smile Chords
47. Keep Tellin Yourself Chords
48. Last Chance To Turn Around Chords
49. Lay Down Your Arms Chords
50. Let The Heartaches Begin Chords
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