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Lady Of The North Chords

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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 01:48:58 GMT
From: Rick L 
Subject: CRD: Lady Of The North Gene Clark Chords/Lyrics
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Gene Clark    Lady Of The North   written by Gene Clark
                                             Doug Dillard
A                     G
Flying high above the clouds
Bm                   B
We lay in the grassy meadow
D        Bm          B
The earth was like a pillow
For our dreams
 A                    G    Bm        B
Trials never entered  into any conversation
D            B        E

That was the relation of our dreams
C                   G          Em

As a change  in the wind must come
A        C

Over the mountain
C                    G         Em
And the seasons roll under the sun
 A          C               Em   *

Passing the shadows  of our dreams

* Em                                   C      D         Em
--------14----14 12 14 12----12-----------------------------|
--------------------------15----15--12-8-7-8-9-10-9-10 11---|

    Copyright @ 1974 Irving Music Inc.(BMI)
    From the "No Other"  LP
    Asylum Records