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It Would Be You Chords

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Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 10:19:23 PDT
From: Carl Cressman 
Subject: a/allan_gary/it_would_be_you.crd

song: It would be you
by:Gary Allan

(G)(C)(D)It's hard desrcibing a(C)heartache,

oh cause its a(D)one of a kind(G)thing,

a serious(C)injury, and a(D)whole lot of endless(G)pain,

if it was a(C/G)storm, I'D compare it to a(D)hurr(G/B)i(C)cane,

oh it's even got a(D)name,


If it was a(G)drink,it would be a(C/G)strong one,
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If it was a(G)sad song, it would be a(C)long one,

if it was a(G)color, it would be a(Am)deep(G/B)deep(C)blue,

(C)but if we're(G/B)talkin' bout a(Am)heartache,

(D)it would be(G)you. (C)(D)

If there was a(G)full moon, it would be a(C/G)total eclipse,

If it was a(G)tital wave, it would(C)sink a thousand(D)ships,

If there was a(G)blizzard, it would be a(C)record breakin'(D)cold,

If it was a(C/G)lie, it would be the biggest(D)story you ever told__

repeat chorus:
(G) (C/G) (G) (C)

If it was a(G)color, it would be a(Am)deep(G/B)deep

(C)blue_____, but if we're talkin bout a(Am)heartache,

(D)it would be(G)you.

(G) (C) (D) (G)