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Goncalo Martins
Bio: I feel that it is my duty to only add tabs when they are "as far as one knows" 100%
correct, I mean that its nice and every thing having to search the whole web finding bits
 of the song you like and putting it together like a jigsaw puzzle but I prefer to just
get it quickly and start playing it. With no offence to the 1000000000's of you who have
added a solo here and there but no thanks not my style. START THE REVELUTION!
God I've even added the lyrics for you, how good is that.

Accuracy: 100%
Comments: This song is really simple but its one of their best songs. 

A#, F, A
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A#		    F	  A#		F
In my happy home I can barely breathe
A#		   F   A#          F
In my lovers arms I find relief
And there's a sky that's changing and a bird that sings
I never once in my wayward life was heading to run out

In my lovers arms I wait for morning
I beg my god to speak and tear me apart
I'd lay down my body I'd lay down my arms
I never once in my sweet short life meant anybody harm

A#  to  F several times and then A as you exit each part.
Ah ah ah ah

In my happy home I read the signs
In my lovers arms I move in time
There's no more crying and there's no more lies
I never once in my short sweet life was waiting for desire

And there's no more crying
And there's no more pain
I never thought for one second
I'd have nothing left but shame

In my happy home I barely breathe
I never once in my wayward life
Was heading to run out