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Jesus I Love You Chords

Jesus, I Love You

Intro: D, Dmaj7, D7, Dmaj7 X2

Verse 1:

  D        Dmaj7
Jesus, I love the way you love me
    D7          Dmaj7
Please don't, ever leave me alone
       D      Dmaj7
So keep me, keep me safe from harm
   D                   G
You'll love me, even when I'm doing wrong. Oh!

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Em A              D
Jesus, loving saviour of my life
Em    A         D       D7
I'll always, praise your beautiful name
  Em           A      D            G
And as, I grow I'll grow deeper in you
    A   D
I love you!

Verse 2:
 D           Dmaj7
I will, follow follow you, till the end
    D7                  Dmaj7
Keep me, from the distractions ahead
      D             Dmaj7
You are, you are the light of my life
   D            G
Awesome, my awesome father above. Oh!



By Mel and Beth (The G-Strings)