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Stripped Away Tab

Fuel, stripped away.
Tabbed by Leonard Costa Leite, leonard729@homtial.com.
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Author/Artist: Fuel
Title: Stripped Away
Album: Hemmorrage single
Transcribed by: Leonard Costa Leite
Email: Leonard729@hotmail.com

this is one of the songs i think should have made it onto the album its 
really good.
It took me a while to figure out because i assumed it was
played with chords. Any help would be appreciated

Stripped away (back to verse)

I must have left my sould cracked open like a door in the night                 
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I want to find a shell of a man of all i once believed............ 
stripped away (back to verse) 

 oh oh oh oh

Tabbed By leonard Costa Leite                                                                             

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