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Shimmer Tab

Shimmer by Fuel

 This song is, like most other Fuel songs, in "Drop D Tuning".
In otherwords, drop your low E to D. Listen to the tab for the
timing, and on another note, if you ever get the chance 
to see these guys live, I suggest that you do so. 
Quite the kickass experience. Enjoy!

Drop D tuning


C                            Dadd9
She calls me from the cold

         Em2 Dadd9 C                     Dadd9    Em2/Dadd9/C
Just when I was low.... feeling sort of stable

C                 Dadd9              Em2/Dadd9/C                
All that she intends......and all she keeps inside 

           Dadd9     Em2/Dadd9/C
Isn't on a label

C             Dadd9/Em2      Dadd9   C      Dadd9  Em2     Dadd9
She's a she's ashamed.... can she take me for a while

   C                    Dadd9   Em2/Dadd9/C
And can I be your friend... We'll forget the past

Well maybe I'm not able..... And I break in the bend.


Em           Am             Cadd9          D
Well here and now.... will we ever be again
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Am              Cadd9  (Let it ring)                                C
Cuz I have found... all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade

 Dadd9 Em2/Dadd9/C    Dadd9    Em2/Dadd9/C
Away..... again

Verse 2 same as 1:
She dreams the champagne dreams, strawberry surprise
Pink linen on white paper, lavender and cream
Fills up butterflies, reality escapes her
And I'm somewhere betweem, I never really know
And killer from a savior, till I break in the bend



C          Dadd9    Em2        Dadd9     C        Dadd9/Em2/Dadd9/C
It's too far.... away.... for me to hold... too far away

C         Dadd9   Em2        Dadd9     C       Dadd9/Em2      D
It's too far... away... for me to hold... too far away.. ah-ah...


--------------------2-------------------------2----- X3 (three times)

        C             Dadd9  Em2           Dadd9
Heeeyyyy, it's too far..... away..... for me... to... hold

C            Dadd9/Em2       Dadd9/C
Too..... far..... away...... ah-ha

Dadd9             Cadd9
Guess I'll let it go

Well, that's it, I hope you all like it.
 Some of the lyrics may be off, it's kinda hard to understand.
 Questions/ comments.. email me to jona@ufl.edu. Later