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Shimmer Chords

Hey i think this is pretty much spot on.
The chords are:
Cadd7(im not sure if tahts the real name but this in the fingering) x32030
      D    xx0232
      Am   x03310
      Em7  022003

Cadd7                   D
She calls me from the cold
         Em7   D    Cadd7                D      Em7  D
Just when I was low, feeling short of stable
Cadd7               D
All that she intends
            Em7     D   Cadd7              D    Em7  D
And all she keeps inside, isn't on the label

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/fuel/shimmer_crd_ver_4.html ]
Cadd7        D    Em7   D
She's, she's ashamed 
             Cadd7        D   Em7        D
And she can take me for a while
Cadd7                  D                Em7       D  Cadd7  
And can I be a friend, we'll forget the past
Or maybe i'm not able
and i brake at the bend

Em7          Cadd7  Am   D           Cadd7
We're here and now, will we ever be again
Am      D        Cadd7
Cause i have found
All that shimers in this world is sure to fade
  D    Em7 D    Cadd7    D
Away         Again

Hope you enjoy it ALL THE BEST JAMES JOSLIN!