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Constable Care Chords

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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 12:39:15 +1000
From: Groundwater Family 
Subject: crd "Constable Care" by Frenzal Rhomb

Constable Care by Frenzal Rhomb
Album: Meet the Family
Track: 10
Transcribed by Tim Groundwater (

h=hammer on

Intro: 6   -0-3h5-5-3h5-5-3h5-5-6-3---
played quickly
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Verse: D    A     D   A    D  A   G
       I thought you were by my side
         D    A  D   A  D   A   G
       Before I had to run and hide
             D   A  D   A  D A  G 
       From the caring constably
             D    A   D   A   D   A  G   A
       He's there to protect you and me, he ee ee

Chorus: A#        D#                 A#                 D# 
        I got the fuck kicked out of me by constable care
        A#        D#                 A#    D#       
        I got the fuck kicked out of me

Bridge same as intro

Verse 2: D   A    D   A  D  A  G
         How can you be justified
            D  A    D      A   D A     G
         By making money from peoples lives
            D      A  D   A   D    A   G
         We don't believe in what you say
                   D    A  D   A    D   A G  A 
         You can break my arm but thats ok hey hey hey


That's it. Have fun!