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Fake Chords

Artist: The Frames 
Song: Fake

OK, it s like this
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Intro:         D            A7      A   Bm         A
      Your telling me i should forget you, but why
      Your acting like i never knew you, but thats a lie
Bridge:   G               D       A
      Your playing your game again
          G                A
      And your never on my side
             D            A7      A   Bm         
      Your telling me i should forget you
Chorus:      D            A7      Bm        G
      Come on the guys a fake what do you love him for
      And it was my mistake just kicking in his door
      D            A7      Bm        G          A       G                                        A
      And if its just a game what we crying for 

V2:    Your talking like i should expect to , but youll never know
Bridge:And hes left you in the rain again
       And you were always on my mind
       And your telling me i should forget you, noo
(Chorus to outro)

Thats all folks

If theres any mistakes / Corrections use your initiative ;j
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