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Fire Island Chords

Artist: Fountains of Wayne
Song: Fire Island
Album: Welcome Interstate Managers
tabber: John Baer


E               C#m  A               B        Am            D      G
Driving on the lawn, sleeping on the roof, drinking all the alcohol....
Am                D               G    D/F#    Em               C
All the kids from school, will be naked in the pool, while our parents
      D            G
are on, Fire Island.

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      Am              D       G         D/F#     Em
We're old enough byyy now, to take care of each other, 
Am                  D        G       D         C       C/B
We don't need no babysitter, we dont need no father or mother,
     Am          D              G       D/F#   C
We're old enough byyy now, don't worry 'bout a thing.
 Am                                        C                           D
Don't you remember, last December, when you went to Steamboat Spriiiiiiings?

*And thats pretty much the whole song...a great tune by a great band.
I don't realy have time write out all the verses, but this is the basics.*