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Older Guys Chords

Older Guys

Intro: G
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G            D           G
I don't ever think about tomorrow
Em              D              C
What or why are all on another day
      G                    C
But I think that it's been said
       Em       C
By somebody up ahead
The older guys tell us what it's all about (ooh ooh ooh)
The older guys really got it all worked out (ooh ooh ooh)
G                              D
Since we got the older guys to show us how
  G                      C
I don't see why we can't start right now

G  C  G  D  C  G

It's so costly living down on the ocean
Bed on the beach is where I wanna rent my home
And I think that it's been said
By somebody up ahead

The older guys get the ladies with the style (ooh ooh ooh)
The older guys squeeze them till it makes them smile (ooh ooh ooh)
What's the use in looking like a cop on the beat
What's the use in looking like a girl on the street

G  C  G  D  C  G  D  C  G

By: Josť Duarte