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Smokescreen Tab

Artist: Flying Blind
Song: Smokescreen
Album: Push
Tabbed By: Ryan

Verses and Chorus:
E-----5-7-  This is not the rhythm,
A-7-4-7-9-  but it is the chord progression.
D-9-6-7-9-  To figure out the rhythm, listen
G-9-6-----  to the song.  The beginning of the second verse is
B---------  acapella, but the chord progression continues as if
e---------  it were still being played.
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Bridge (Right Before The Solo):  2 times
E---5-4-7-  I'm not entirely sure about this part.
A-4-7-6-9-  The Ab doesn't sound right, and I know
D-6-7-6-9-  There's a transition between the end and the beginning

(This is all on the highest E string)



(everything on the line below is doubled, up to the star)