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Patricia Chords

                           Flashlight Brown

D F#m Bm A (2x)

D            F#m                         Bm    
  What a day what a cold and unforgiving grey
Won't give me a chance
D          F#m                                  Bm     
 Cast a chill, she was cold as ice and dressed to kill
Froze me with a glance

  D            E                   G                 A# A   
So now do you recall the Twist and Crawl and all the games?
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  D      Bm
Patricia where have you been?
E                        G            A 
Chilling with Method and jamming with Queen
  D      Bm
Patricia what's in a name?
E                          G             A  
Tell me some lies and I'll slide you the same

D           AF#m                          Bm
 What a trip what a crazy, useless dirty rip
It's out of control

 Led by a mighty roar
 Here comes the firestorm
Bm                            C
 I've seen it all before so I'm gone

So move within your trance and Safety Dance and lose your mind

Patricia where have you been?
Over the bird's nest in life's final scene
Patricia what's in a name?
Godspeed the progress you're finally insane

D Bm  G           E
      It's only magic