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Easy Tonight Chords

Song: Easy Tonight
Artist: Five For Fighting
Album: America Town
Tabbed By: Arkadies 
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

This is the song as I learned it off the recording.  It was a case of fiddling with the same two chords over and over again until it just hit me to throw the Bsus2 in there and then everything else all came together beautifully. Be sure to let the open strings ring when playing the Asus2 and Bsus2 chords, it fills out the sound nicely.  Listen to the track a few times to get the feel and timing of the chords down. (Of course, it all depends on what you're viewing this tab with!)  I like to fingerpick the verses rather than strum and build intensity through the pre-chorus and then get heavy on the chorus to match the intensity of the vocals.

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here are the chords for the song:
Asus2  x02200
Bsus2  x24400
E      022100
C#m    x46654
F#     244322
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Asus2    Bsus2
Asus2    E

Asus2       Bsus2   
You were wrong     You were right...
Asus2        E
C#m      F#=20

Asus2      E

[the pre-chorus works the same as the verses, just switch out the Bsus2 for an E in the first line and then switch out the E for a Bsus2 on the last line]

Asus2        E
Shot down said you never had the chance...
Asus2    E

C#m     F#

Asus2    Bsus2

Shotgun fire anybody home...
F#     Asus2




[the bridge works the same as the chorus, but try playing only downstrokes on the lower notes for the first couple bars.  I think that gives it a nice feel]

E    F#
She's in over my head...



Asus2    Bsus2
Asus2    E