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Fishing For Lisa Chords

Fishing For Lisa
By The Feelers

This is my first tab ever, so geeze, sorry if I?m wrong.

Chords Used:

Bm           D            A            G
X24432       XXX232       XX222X       32XX33

Bm ? D ? A ? G

Play the same chord pattern all the way thru
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/feelers/fishing_for_lisa_crd.html ]
Bm              D      A                          G
I?m fishing for Lisa, Like a meeting in the water lost,
Bm                  D       A                                 G
I should have known better, now I sit here trying to count my loss

When you get to the chorus bit----
A                                G
I thought you were my reason to live??play A and G

That?s it!