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Song-Won't Go Back
Artist- Fast Forward



 I had a reason to do what I did
 it wasn't what ou said, its what you did
 I hope that you can understand
 why I had to let go of your hand
 It wasn't that easy for me to just
 drop everything and let go of you
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 D9           (jf)          (jf2) (keep going w/ those chords)
 I still love you that'll never change
 I won't go back untill you change you ways
 But for now I must move on
 I won't go back in to you arms

 verse2: (tab)
 I know i've forgiven you
hopefully you'll do the same to
maybe we can at least be friends
or at least be on better ends



 but I believe I did wat was best for you
 Maybe you learn what to do
 but  I won't go back into your arms

                     -Jessica FAST FORWARD