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For One Day Chords

Here is another tab by JonoTheTuneSmith from the Evermore forum.

The forthcoming single 'For One Day".

Now, as stated... the tricksey to this precious is to put the capo on the 2nd fret of
your guitar (if it is in standard tuning) or the 3rd fret (if you are tuned down to
evermore's favourite, Eb!) So, done that? Ok. here we go!

Verse (Notated for timing purposes)
A           A7          A7*
Give me music anyway... (Can't remember the first line, so I put my favourite one in

A  (X07650)
A7 (X07050)
A7* Slide Chord (X09070)

Those three chords are on repeat, until...

Pre Chorus:
Em       D            A
Feels... so cold... in the rain
Em       D                       (Am        Em         C         Em)x2
Feels... so cold... in the rain

(Am       Em        C           Em)        Am       Em
               Can I hold you for one day
        C            Em           Am
Can I hold you for one day
C           Em             A (On A, return to verse 3 chord A, A7, A7* progression)
Need a chance to say

For the bridge, the chords just repeat from the chorus with the whole Am Em C Em thing,
until the COOLEST bit comes.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/evermore/for_one_day_crd.html ]
The coolest bit:
John grabs his electric guitar, dirties it up, and plays some RAWK and ROLL!


If you've never done these before, these are octaves, and they are a rock and rollers
best friend. Dirty the channel up with distortion, and let rip! Basically, you want to
mute every other string but the ones I've noted, and strum away. So basically, I put my
left hand ALL OVER the fret board, and using my index finger, and pinky, octave away with
that little progression.

John then goes on to a crazy little solo as the song fades out. I'm not tabbing it. If
you can solo like that, you don't need me to tab it. And if you can't solo like that...
then just work on those octaves above. They are still rock and roll fun!


Draw the world in shades of grey
Cut me out and walk away
Pick me up then put me down
'Cause it feels so cold in the rain

Could I hold you for one day?
I need a chance to say...

Get a hope for another day
Give me music anyway
Lift the mood and float away
It feels so cold in the rain

Could I hold you for one day?
I need a chance to say...

What about us? Sing
What about love? Sing
What about trust? Sing
What about love?? Oh!

Could I hold you for one day?

Have a good one!